Unlock your students’ True Progress

Our assessments are designed specifically for students who learn differently so you can meet their needs and celebrate their progress, ensuring every child feels seen, understood and empowered.

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We provide LD-friendly assessments to help your students succeed and thrive.

Engage Students

Our assessments are designed specifically for students who learn differently so you can meet their needs

Inspire Teachers

Our assessments are designed specifically for students who learn differently so you can meet their needs

Inform Parents

Our assessments are designed specifically for students who learn differently so you can meet their needs

Traditional assessments do not understand  your diverse learners.

Are you frustrated by assessments that don’t capture the progress of your students?

Do assessments overwhelm and demoralize your students?

Fail to capture the progress you see in the classroom?

Discourage teachers and parents?

Make tracking progress impossible?

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Your students deserve a better assessment!

Help  your students  succeed

Identify Needs

For students who may be challenged by language, reading, attention, engagement, or processing.

Increase Engagement

For schools that require a more in-depth view of student learning, needs and progress and work intensively with students.

Improve Learning

We work with teachers to make sure everyone is comfortable with the data and able to easily act on it and explain it to students and parents.

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Before True Progress, I would have to dig through a 2-inch file to get at what is going on. Now I have a diagnostic that just tells me. Our instruction was all over the place, and the students were struggling; now I have something that says this is where you need to be with this child, not up here. The other tests that we have used are not transparent, so the teacher can not see what the child was faced with.

– Math Director

Working with True  Progress is easy

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We will help you identify gaps and frustration points in your assessment system and design a new system that answers your questions and supports your goals.

Implement LD-friendly assessments

Deploy our specialized assessment platform designed for the unique learning needs of diverse learners. Our professional development will provide data coaching to support your teachers.

Help your students succeed and thrive

With appropriate assessments and systems you can now easily identify and address student needs and accurately capture their remarkable progress.

True Progress has been an amazing learning tool for our students. The most meaningful result is that our kids are excited about seeing their progress. This instant feedback, when shared with their teachers, motivates them to set new goals and improve their scores.

– Interventionist



This one-time investment ensures a seamless integration and custom design of data workflow and framework.


Student Subscriptions

Annual subscription fee includes Screener, Diagnostic, and Inventory assessments for ELA and Math.

$12 per student

Professional Development

Gain valuable knowledge and practical tips from our assessment data experts so faculty are on the same page and maximizing student benefit

$450 per session
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Our parents are thrilled with the True Progress data and insights we share with them about their child. They comment that they have never seen anything like this before and are so reassured that we are following their child's progress so closely.

– Head of School

Schools that transform the lives of children who learn differently choose True Progress

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We support students who learn differently and the educators who transform their lives

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At True Progress we know your school seeks to uplift and positively transform the lives of students who learn differently. In order to do that you need assessments that go beyond traditional tests to capture the full range of each student's abilities, needs, and progress.

 The problem is traditional assessments fall short in capturing the progress of students who learn differently. This is incredibly frustrating for students, teachers and parents. It is unfair to use one-size-fits-all assessments with students who learn differently.

We understand how hard it is for students and teachers when their intensive work goes unrecognized by traditional assessments which is why we have worked for the past ten years to provide a better way for LD-focused schools.

Thank you for such a useful and easy to use tool in a time when so many things seem to be getting more complicated!

– Teacher

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